Online International Museum of Rromani’s Art

Made by the student Salahoru Bianca Elena-cl VIIIth A

- prof.coordinating prof.Mihaela Burlea-Mihai Codreanu Gim School Iasi

About the theme of creation:

  • Art is the geographical area where we are all protagonists of the beautiful or the ugly. It is the area where we see, hear, dance and feel, a world where art dresses us as well;
  • Visual Art is the world where tradition, contemporary, color, shape, detail, etc. are shared;
  • In this sphere the union is created through the exchange of values and knowledge, thus resulting not only in the enrichment of us as people but also of the arts themselves;
  • The accumulation of emotions gathered through the exchange of values generates acceptance and has, as a consequence, the transposition into the visual field through various artistic forms;
  • Craft art, visual artistic montage, Ready-made art, Hand-made art are some artistic manners through which we can create the so-called "seats" of communication, socialization, exchange of experiences and traditions;
Under the motto "Love your Earth, as yourself". The works are made from recyclable materials: newspaper, textile materials, aluminum cans, packaging paper, perfume bottles, old furniture pieces, various recycled bottles;
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