Online International Museum of Rromani’s Art

  • "Art must come closer, and not distance, fill, not dig into our poor spirits, and so quite stirred up by questions". Starting from the words of Constantin Brâncuși, the dialogue with His Majesty, becomes a story unspeakably desired by all those who love stories with a twist;
  • "The endless column”, as the great sculptor liked to call it….magnified could support the heavenly vault”. In the same way, anyone can equally "support" the heavenly vault with his gaze. We all see from the same distance to the sky, but only those who look serenely, the beauty of the sky, have a chance to be closer to it;
  • The opportunity to know beauty in the area of sculpture, movement and dance are brought in a sculptural form with dynamic lines, but also in a simple vision;
  • Passing through the mental filter of age, origin, specific emotional intelligence, experience and vocational inclination, children discover Brancușian aesthetics;
  • Through the power of symbolism, any state, experience, emotion, action, memory, past events or forecasts can be condensed into a simple sculptural form.
  • So, Simplicity as a common language, regardless of the beholder's eye, it is the key or perhaps even the definition of Brâncuși's aesthetics.

"You have to keep trying to climb very high if you want to be able to see very far, and seeing far is one thing, but getting there is quite another." (Constantin Brancusi)

Under the motto "Love your Earth, as yourself".
The works are made of recyclable materials: polystyrene scraps, string, textile material, metal profiles for plasterboard, wire, nylon thread;

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