Online International Museum of Rromani’s Art

  • Petals of thoughts and feelings of a versatile personality and laid with emotion on the paper of the time by the hands of those who knew him Mihai Codreanu - "the father of the Romanian sonnet".
  • The idea of diversity, acceptance and cultural value is expressed through the presence of eight works, inspired by ,,STATUES,, and "From the Philosophy of Nothing,, – two books of sonnets and aphorisms, which collected the poet's talent.
  • "Ready-Made" - the technique used in the creation of the works encourages alternatives of plastic expression through the use of recyclable materials. The deciphering of the text of the sonnet/aphorism, the understanding and assimilation of the message, and its transposition into the area of plastic expression, were facilitated by sensory experiences. Thus, the touch of various materials, textures and colors made it easier for the students, instantly, to make associations between physical sensations and emotional states. (ex: touching a metal plate = cold = fear, or a gray textile = boredom = desire to do nothing = )
  • The eight works describe through the simplicity and naturalness of the lens of the junior artists,,A world of ladies and gentlemen, of elegance and honor". The junior artists were "challenged" to intercultural knowledge, self-knowledge, assimilation of educational-vocational knowledge, to interaction through the distribution of roles, individual and group tasks, of the actual work, certifying the development on a personal level.

Under the motto "Love your Earth, as yourself".
The works are made of recyclable materials: newspaper, cardboard, textile material, plastic bags, egg cartons, computer parts, plant material, metal scraps, light bulbs;

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