Online International Museum of Rromani’s Art

  • Located on the border between literature and art, book illustration, it becomes another way of expressing the Aesthetic. In a narrow sense, it is an image accompanied or not by a text, which tells a story;
  • Through play, color and word, William Shakespeare's work becomes the "clay" kneaded in play, first, and then, sculpture, or the canvas on which the brush will know how to follow its game, or perhaps the word that will know how to dress the harmonious form of musicality of lyrical sounds;
  • William Shakespeare is one of the most solid examples of high-impact cultural relations, his work being "lived" in various cultural, political, economic and religious contexts, being proof of their universality and topicality
  • Metaphorical and sacrificial romance are two symbols of the writer, debated in a graphic manner and highlighted by strong valorizations or by the multitude of cold/crowded/empty areas;
  • Drawings created in a naive style by children, reflect key characters from Shakespeare's writings. One of the easily identified messages is that of the search for identity, the pure self found in people. "There are no differences between the wise and the foolish, between the upper and the lower (social classes)" but only the joy of living, loving, playing

Under the motto "Love your Earth, as yourself".
The works are made from recyclable materials.

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