Online International Museum of Rromani’s Art

"I'M A WONDER" - Roma Identity (Recoknowledge-Aoriginality-movative-Asummary)

  • The courage and assumption of Roma identity is reflected through the dynamics of abstract forms, through the relief of some surfaces, through the multitude of textures and strong contrasts.
  • The concept contains seven works made on cloth paper, framed by hand-made frames, the star material being the newspaper.
  • The decorative-abstract forms invite the viewer to play. Play is one of the ingredients of freedom of expression, of shaping originality through color, shape and composition.
  • The balloon, the disposable chopsticks, the wire sponge, the plastic fork or your own fingers take the place of the penson, closing the bracket of a mixed technique.
  • The syncretism created by the technique used, the social ideology and the message conveyed wraps up in a lyrical aesthetic – I'M WONDER.

Under the motto "Love your Earth, as yourself".
The works are made of recyclable materials: newspaper, cardboard, string;

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