Online International Museum of Rromani’s Art

  • Time, Love and Family – three constants of a childhood ideal for any human being. The relationship between the three is one of dependence. The irreversibility of time changes the shape and size of the other two, but not their purpose;
  • The titles of the works are the "golden words" in randomly opened books (page x, row y, word z), just as life is made up of a succession and multitude of unforeseen events. This challenge thus built the "Own Story" of each work;
  • The flaws of the glass painting, easily observed, delight the story expressed simply and naturally by the little artists. The glass intended for another purpose, HERE, acquires another valence - "Reflection of the human condition", from birth, childhood, youth, old age, with their own shapes and sizes, regardless of reason, color or creed.

Under the motto "Love your Earth, like yourself".
The works are made from recyclable materials: recycled pieces of glass;

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