Online International Museum of Rromani’s Art

HECUBA Iași Foundation
Artist: Beneficiary of the HECUBA Iași Foundation
Visual Art Workshop Coordinators: Adrian MÎRZAC and Nicoleta EMACU

About the theme of creation:

  • The proposed theme can be a source of inspiration for approaching another language of art: "Manifesto art” (performance, installations, body-art, graffiti, etc.);
  • In this section we bring to the fore, the manifesto, seen as a social error, discrimination rooted and perpetuated in society, educational gaps. In this case, the public is the decisive factor, because this entity is the only one that can find or propose solutions to the exposed problem.
  • The installation in this section represents a 2 m high structure, made of cardboard, embodying a "totem pole" on which rest 11 plaster casts of a human face. The various figures, expressive or not, will be "read", "understood" and then placed in their place perhaps as trophies or offerings.
  • The individual works made by the children later became part of this structure which, added together with the others, gave birth to a community with common aspirations, with similar experiences.
Under the motto "Love your Earth, as yourself". The works are made from recyclable materials: newspaper, cardboard boxes, wrapping paper;
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