Online International Museum of Rromani’s Art

Union, like the twisted rope, holds more

Artist: Beneficiary of the Hecuba Iasi Foundation;
Visual Art Workshop Coordinators: Adrian MÎRZAC and Nicoleta EMACU

About the theme of creation:

  • A means of deep knowledge of the origins, identities, values of a nation, inherited from those who belong to the past, who were, and from whom we inherit the most precious gift – Wisdom;
  • The transmission by living speech, from mouth to mouth, from man to man, from generation to generation of the most valuable information is - "The noblest school, after the "seven years at home";
  • Proverbs, or sayings, or similes are just a few tools used in the dialect of a past language;
  • The protagonists of the illustrations made, children at the age of transformations, with the help of these tools, were stimulated by the sense of connections, the use of regionalisms and archaisms, their correct placement in order to decipher the deep message, then the choice of the way of making the illustration;
  • The invitation launched by the artists for viewing the works, has a common denominator: QUESTIONS. (eg: How close did I get to the essence of the message?, How creative was I?; How inspired was I in the choice of materials?; How much do I recognize myself in this depth of this message?).
Under the motto "Love your Earth, as yourself". The works are made from recyclable materials.
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